State Schemes

Qualification for Dental Benefit

In the Budget of 9th December 2009 it was announced that from 1st January 2010 Insured Persons would no longer qualify for any Dental Benefit other than a dental examination once a year. The Insured Person's PRSI contributions will no longer entitle them to any discount on dental treatment. This practice regrets this unfortunate decision by the Government. We had, with our patients, canvassed public representatives to maintain the Dental Benefit Scheme.   The Scheme had enabled Insured Persons to access exactly the same services as our private patients at a subsidised rate.

From the end of October 2017 the subsidised benefit of one cleaning visit a year was restored. The maximum the patient must pay for this cleaning is fixed at €15.00. The Benefit currently available under the scheme is a single annual dental examination (no charge to the patient) and a single annual Scaling & Polishing visit (€15.00 charge to the patient - the normal fee is €70.00). All other treatment, including any additional visits for cleaning, must be paid for in full by the patient.

The scheme now also covers the Self-Employed who meet the qualification criteria


The Department of Social and Family Affairs Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme applies to employees and the self-employed who make PRSI contributions. They (and their spouses, depending on income) are entitled to receive a free dental examination and a subsidised cleaning once a year.

 However to qualify, certain PRSI conditions must be met.

  • If you are under 21, you must have paid a minimum of 39 weeks PRSI since starting work.
  • If you are aged between 21 and 24, you must have paid a minimum of 39 weeks PRSI since starting work and 39 weeks paid or credited PRSI in the tax year on which your claim is based. (This can be the same 39 weeks.)
  • If you are aged between 25 and 65, you must have paid 260 weeks PRSI since starting work and 39 weeks paid or credited PRSI in the tax year on which the claim is based. (This 39 weeks can be within the 260 weeks, it is not on top of the 260 weeks.)

If these conditions are met, an examination is free to the patient once every 12 months. (The dentist reclaims the full fixed cost of the examination from the Department of Social and Family Affairs).

When attending for the first time at this practice, and seeking treatment under the Dental Treatment Scheme, it is our policy to charge our normal examination fee  and make a refund of this fee if qualification is confirmed in writing by the Department.


Medical Card Scheme:

This practice does not operate the Medical Card Dental Services Scheme; however the following treatments are available to Medical Holders at participating dental practices: Fillings, Cleaning, Extractions, Dentures and Root Canal Treatment. A list of participating practices can be had from the HSE.